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Sunday Times

Beautiful but cool day in NY today.  All three of us went for a somewhat chilly walk this morning around the parks.  It was foggy on the way home which created an ambiance of eerily pretty. 

We went out for breakfast at our favorite Sunday morning breakfast cafe: Creekside.  Then on to grocery shop.  Ted went to spend time with Angela and Nicholas:

I made the cakes for the Halloween cake contest then played with Shane in the yard while clearing out the flowers for winter.

When Ted got home, more chores:


roof cleaning

roof cleaning

As you can imagine, not one of Ted’s favorite jobs.  We also got the lawn furniture put away and will go on to chopping some wood.  Basically making the best of a nice sunny day.

We had our first fire last night while watching Harrison Ford in the most recent Indiana Jones movie: Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull… something like that. It was pretty good. The fire adds a lot of coziness to the room.

Tonight its football.

Thats our Sunday. Hope yours is quiet, calming and pleasant.


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