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Some can,Some can’t

Some people seem to be very good at multi-tasking. I’m not. I told Ted about a mis-hap this morning while trying to accomplish 3 things at once: punch in a phone no., look up a different phone number, read email.  There is some poor guy out there who is still running scared, looking over his shoulder, watching out for the crazy chic who called him this morning about a salt water bath.10146


Ted is now very worried about his dinner tonight since the following menu is planned:  1. Ted = steak. 2. Joanne = tempeh. 3. Shane = dog food.  Ted’s wondering who’s going to get which dish.  According to him, he prefers the steak, the dog food will be forgivable, but don’t mess up and give him Tempeh! He really has a “thing” against soy products, unless it’s a Morning Star Breakfast Patty… Not a “link”…nor the “bacon”… don’t try to sneak those “crumbles” past him…and if Tofu even touches his plate, it’ll be grounds for divorce!  Check out the “Helpful Link” where WHFoods describes Tempeh and its versatility. You can’t beat the nutrition it contains and you really can give it any flavor you want. The texture is a lot better than some other soy products as well. 


On the tempeh, you will see some black stuff. It looks kind of gross but it’s just a product of the fermentation process and is normal. tempeh-0021


For Ted’s steak: It is a NY Strip, sprinkled with NO MSG Tenderizer and marinated in Roasted Red Pepper Italian Dressing. Broiled about 5 min. per side.  For the Tempeh: Chop into squares and put into a baggy. Add 1 TBS BQ sauce + 1 TBS soy sauce + few shakes of hot sauce. Mix around and let sit for 30 min. Put about 1 TBS olive oil in saute pan and heat on med. Cook about 10 min. per side.


Went for a 3 mile run after work. It was a pretty cool 40 deg. and I forgot my hat and gloves.  Most body parts stayed normal temp. except my left thumb which was numb and throbbing by the end of my run.  When I feel like running late in the day, after exercising in the morning, I think subconsciously, I’m trying to “run” away from something. It’s probably the current economic situation and the fact that we are having to purchase a car in the middle of this nasty down time in the market. I guess our purchase helps a little… and as my dad would say…. “Every little bit helps as the old woman said when she peed in the sea”.  I’ll end this evenings blog on that note … everyone out there, have a terrific night.


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