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This morning I just felt like running outside. It’s too early to wake Shane up and also, I can just imagine running into a skunk with Shane, while running in the dark… it wouldn’t be nice.  So I ventured out by myself with my mp3, gloves, and Garmin.  Really nice morning. I’m going along fine and on the way home, there is the newspaper delivery guy in someones drive…gotta watch for him because he backs the car up at something like 50 mph!  As I turn my attn back to the pavement, I hit an uneven concrete slab and down I go. 9822  Oh that really hurt.  I landed on my left side shoulder. All I could think of amid the intense throbbing pain was… Darn! I bet that’s going to effect my shoulder work out today!  … and it did.

I ran about 48 minutes.  When I got home, I tried to work my shoulders and ended up using very light weights, cutting it short to about 25 minutes. The ab exercises even hurt! 

For breakfast, I decided to reward myself with one of my favorites:

Eggs and veg

Eggs and veg

That would be 1/2 cup egg beaters, asparagus, spring onions, cherry tomatoes, green pepper, spinach, fat free feta cheese. Topped with hot sauce for pizzaz. Also included is 1/2 an ezekiel english muffin and an apple.

Now our newspaper guy is in the bad book as well. He has not delivered our paper YET this morning.


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