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First…great news! Pam sent me her “Lunch and Learn” presentation. It’s a powerpoint slide show so if you have PP, check it out:  Go to the Nutrition page and look for “Tips from Pam on Dining Out”.

I woke up today feeling good. As I went from Elliptical to my weight work out, somewhere my energy just starting seeping away.  With each repetition, I lost a little more steam.  I did manage, what I would rate as, an OK workout which included 40 min. ET + 45 weights (chest & biceps & abs) + 38 min. slower walk and a “cheat” with Shane. The “cheat” was that I ended our stroll with a trip into MVCC track. I had his frisbee with me and let him chase it a few times as we walked around the track. Unfortunately an elderly Gent. came in and I didn’t want to run the risk of Shane galloping over to him, jumping up and knocking him over. So we ended that session pretty quick. 

I tried 1/4 cup Non Fat Pineapple Cottage Cheese with my 5 Grain Oats & cinnamon this morning, being ever so careful not to stir in the cottage cheese and make the oats creamy. It was a good “on the side” accompaniment.  Thanks KATHEATS.com!  I didn’t have my 2nd Protein shake because with the cottage cheese, the protein was about 17.5 grams.

5 Grain with pineapple cottage cheese

Had an hankerin’ (is that S.P talk?!) for nut butter…sooooo…..

Nut butters and a medium apple
Nut butters and a medium apple

this was my mid-morning snack-aroo….(1 TBS of the nut butters mixed).

Since my energy was low earlier, and we are going to be dishing out the “dough” tomorrow by way of a car… I grabbed some running gear in case the angst worked up to a blowing point later today.  In that case, I will stop at the park on the way home for a “get out the frustration, anxiety and butterflies” run.  I always get that way when spending money. Should a professional be called with a soft couch?   Have a super day!

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