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 John Hammond
midnight mike



 We went to see John Hammond at Munson Williams and it was very enjoyable.  He was fascinating to watch with all the facial expressions while playing the harmonica, constantly beating his foot on the stage, and singin’ the blues … what a talent.  It”s a shame we were too far away for good pics, but I did get a pic of the opening act who was a local gent, “Midnight Mike”.

 The pic of John Hammond was before he began playing as we were asked to not take any  pics. during the act. I settled on the DVD pictures instead.

Just to back track a bit… before the show, we had “Red Bean Curry” for dinner. See recipe page if interested. It was good, but I did add an extra TBS of white wine vinegar to the recipe as I think it would enhance the flavors a bit.
Now onto SUNDAY MORNING…The 3 of us set out for an enjoyable walk around Valley View Golf Course. Along the way, we came across an interesting “E T” kind of a thing…. (you tell me?!!!?)
ETWe didn’t touch it because we were a little worried that it’s 1/2″ head might suddenly rise up and turn into a massive Godzilla.  So we continued on to Valley View.  Here are some pictures taken on our way which do not do justice to the site. The reservoir is absolutely covered with ducks…LOUD ducks…
 ducks on the way to VV golf course Here are some views from Valley View: 
Valley ViewValley View Scenic overlook
When we got home,  I mixed some Pumpkin Pancakes for Ted and he cooked them up. Check out the recipe page for a really great “Flavor of Fall” pancake.  … then, look at the recipe for G/F Pumpkin Soy Muffins to use up the rest of the can of pumpkin….and enjoy your Sunday.

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