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What happened to my energy today? sleeping-with-book

It seemed to seep slowly out of me as the day progressed. System check:  Enough carbs & other important food stuff? yes.  Enough sleep? think so.  How about yesterdays water intake? well, maybe not.   Ok. Think I might have found the prob. I’m so bad at drinking enough water. I need lemon to just barely enjoy it. I’d rather have coffee.  When I got my “PUREGO” water bottle, I thought it would inspire me. Guess it wore out like an old pair of shoes. puregobottleBut I still drag it along with me everywhere I go.

Lunch wasn’t as rush – rush -rush today. I was too tired to rush. Had some left overs and a smaller salad… too tired to make a big one. eats-on-thursday-001




TGIF tomorrow and Sue isn’t at work. It’ll be a busy one but that will just put me in the right mood for a good glass of wine… did you see the site reference for sending old bottle corks…speaking  of wine?   http://www.yemmhart.com/news+/winecorkrecycling.htm   ….just in case.

Tonights dinner… Ted offered to go get a pizza from O’Scugnizzo’s. By far, the best pizza I have ever had. They make the best:  eats-on-thursday-002                                           

 I served up some brussels with the pizza and, in my book, it was the perfect Thurs. night meal:  eats-on-thursday-0031


Today, the Van’s Gift Catalog came in the mail. The baskets are expensive but every year I go blind trying to find “Puddy” the little company mascot they hide in one of the baskets.  I had to go through it 3 times, but I found PUDDY! 

Find Puddy

Find Puddy

Ok. here’s a hint: red box, lower right…see the dot on the box? That’s Puddy!  Now I have to decide if I want to order $350.00 worth of baskets to get the free $25.00 gift for finding that silly little bear. Ummmm….probably not this year.

If you want to check out their site, because they do have nice baskets, go to: www.vansgifts.com.  If you want to read about Puddy…www.vansgifts.com/puddy.asp  

Have a super night, All!


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