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Where’s my energy? Has anyone seen it?  It never came to me today. Was it the heat? Was it the busy weekend? Was it just because it was Monday?  What ever the reason, it was a rare event since I’m typically never lacking for energy. 

Tonight’s meal had to be simple. My mind was even having trouble keeping up, so nothing creative came out of it.  Ted did his own barbecue of cube steak and I used a Quorn Turkey Roast

dscn0786I mixed 1 TBS olive oil with fresh herbs of basil, rosemary and flat leaf parsley.


The mixture was spread over the roast and it was put into a 400 F oven, covered for 35 minutes, turned over, uncovered and back in for 35 more minutes. 

The instructions provided by “Quorn” indicate you can cook the roast frozen.  However, it was taken out of the freezer at noon to thaw slightly.  I cooked it according to the “frozen” directions.  The Quorn was topped with just a drizzle of soy-ginger sauce.


On the side, we both enjoyed oven roasted Brussel sprouts.  Preheat oven to 400 F.  Par boil for 5 minutes after trimming ends and cutting in half.  Drain well. In the meantime, prepare a baking dish with a coat of olive oil Lay 3 large bay leaves and 3 rosemary stalks on bottom of dish.


Top with the brussel sprouts, salt and pepper to taste and roast 35 minutes, uncovered.






Tonight I am trying a new chocolate frosting recipe. If the frosting is a hit for Friday’s cake, I’ll post the recipe.  Otherwise…well, guess there is more research to be done on my part for Chocolate frosting.  

My feet need soaking and my brain needs to sleep so lets call it a night.  G’Night!


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