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Not a typical Friday evening for us.  After almost 9 years of marriage, we still don’t communicate well.  I think it’s that guy-gal misunderstanding. You know… men NEVER understand women….women SOMETIMES misunderstand men. That was what happened last night.

Ted said he was all pooped out from eating out. Ok – understandable. I asked if he wanted me to make something or order Chinese or pizza?  He said…”Oh no – we’ll go out, but just kind of pick. Go to Cavallo’s or something.”  Fine.  We ended up meeting up with Jackie, Rocko, Agie, and her husband  …..ohhhhh….Hashim?!?  (Jackie – if you’re out there help me with his name????).  We met at the end of happy hour (7PM), 257 Steakhouse.  This is where Ted had one of the worst dinners of his life so I knew we wouldn’t eat there. But Rock was eating so Ted decided on an Asian Pork salad. I asked… is this where you want to eat? He said No – but we’ll have something. I said I didn’t want to ruin dinner or munchies so I’d wait.  Well, it was 8:15pm when we left. Ted said “where to?”  I said ” where ever you want. Are you still hungry? If so, lets go somewhere”.  The response was not a yes or a no, … I don’t know what it was but we ended up exchanging the DVD and coming home. Hmmm!  What happened to Cavallos?  What happened to Joanne’s dinner?  It ended up being a cup of tea. It was too late to cook. I didn’t want to clean up any mess.  I like my Friday night dinners out.  Oh well. Life goes on with men being blind to the likes/dislikes of women and women not expressing loud and clear what they really want.  I know….my fault and I went hungry. 9796 

This morning, although I started with a protein shake, it just didn’t give me all the energy needed for a good run. Shane and I did go 6.25 miles, but after 4, I had to walk/sprint.  My legs were tired and I was getting grumpy.  9644

When we got home, I immediately inhaled an apple with peanut butter.  Got in the tub, washed my hair. Ahhhhh. Feeling good!  9577

Breakfast was a wonderful EggBeater/Egg White omelet with broccoli, asparagus, spring onion, feta cheese. Topped with Zukay salsa.  1 piece of Ezekiel bread, toasted.  Yuuuummmmy! 

My Saturday Omelet

My Saturday Omelet



Loaded with good for you asparagus and broccoli

Loaded with good for you asparagus and broccoli




Today, I’m making split pea soup – less the ham bone of course.  Also…this should be interesting, I had some left over Spinach and Artichoke Dip from Thursday evening.  I have decided to make bread with it.  “Spinach Artichoke Dip Bread”.  I’ll let you know tonight how that came out.

Have a super Saturday and take care.  Joanne out!


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