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Yesterday was a great running day.  Shane and I went up that steep hill, Sherman Drive, down Higby, down Valley View and around the golf course. It was a really good 7.2 mile run.  Good thing I brought water for Shane because he was one thirsty dog. We made 2 water stops.  I take a water bottle and a small plastic baggy.  He takes water from the baggy. It works well and no heavy bags/bottle to carry. 

Today, Sunday morning, Ted joined us for a 4.35 mile walk around the golf course.  It was a damp, heavy morning but the rain stayed away and we enjoyed each others company.

Last night we watched this pretty good movie with young Ted who just returned from Iceland on Thursday.  He and his mother took a weeks vacation over there to visit family.  But…back to the movie…. “Nothing But The Truth”, staring Kate Beckinsale,  Matt Dillon, Angela Bassett, and Alan Alda. 


It is based upon true events of a CIA operative whose identity was revealed.  The reporter who wrote the story went to prison because she refused to reveal her source.  The end will surprise you.   Good movie.

Skipping back to last night (I’m all over the place today  🙂   ),  the other week, I came across a recipe by Chef Fresco and it looked really good. Since Teddy and Ted were making hamburgers for themselves, I decided on a meatless burger.  This is my meatless burger which turned out really, REALLY good.

White Bean Burgers


  • 15.5 oz can Great Northern White Beans
  • 2 lge. eggs
  • 1/2 tsp sea salt
  • 2 TBS parsley
  • 1/2 onion, chopped
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • 1/4 cup Panko crumbs
  • 1/4 cup TVP crumbs
  • 1/4 cup parmesan cheese
  • red pepper to taste
  • 1 TBS EVOO
  • 4 whole wheat hamburger buns

In a food processor, add the beans, eggs, salt.  Puree until smooth.  Empty into a large bowl.  Add the parsley, onion, lemon, crumbs, and cheese.  Mix well and let sit for 10 minutes for both the panko and the vegetable protein crumbles to absorb the moisture. 

Heat a saute pan over medium high heat and add the oil.  When heated, drop 4 separate dollops of bean mix into the pan. Form a patty but only press down very gently – don’t compact.   After 7 minutes, flip over and cook another 7 minutes.  

Cooking bean patties

Cooking bean patties

I enjoyed my burger on the toasted whole wheat bun with honey mustard, lettuce and a slice of tomato.  Tummy happy!

As for today, general house chores, very unexciting. 

Make sure to come back tonight for the weekly CNY A Taste of Utica.  We are cooking Zucchini Appetizers and they are going to be good!

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Two more cakes to celebrate THREE more birthdays.  The first cake is complete and is a 6″ round, chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling.  Yellow and pink roses were the decorations of choice.  Happy Birthday, Linda and Cindy!



dscn0759The second cake will be posted later today (hopefully).


The Morning Run…

I didn’t know what I felt like this morning when I got up. We ran 4 1/2 yesterday so a shorter run wouldn’t hurt. 

It was 55 degrees. Shane will need water along the way so I grabbed the bottle, the baggy, the belt and clipped it around my waist.  Off we went.  We went over to the college, back to Sherman and up, up, UP the hill. Then I took a new route, straight across Higby, turning left at the end of that road (don’t know the name of it), and at the bottom of the hill, began climbing again up Mohawk St. Mohawk was no way near as steep as Sherman.  We hit Higby again, turned right on Valley View. The steep down hill felt good. The end result was farther than I had planned, 8.4 miles. Poor Shane is down and out at this point. My feet hurt. We’re spent.  Puppy in letty:9679

Gabriel’s Trattoria…

Mural In Bar Area of Gabriel's

Mural In Bar Area of Gabriel's

Last night we went to a little restaurant tucked away behind the ever popular Cavallo’s.  It is called Gabriel’s Trattoria.  The last time we ate at this adorable little eatery, I ordered red snapper and when I put my fork to the fish, it zipped across my plate. It was too firm to cut. It resembled a little baseball on my plate.  The chef was quick to correct the situation saying he got talking and let the fish cook too long.  However…. last night was a very pleasant experience all around.

We found they had expanded to add a little bar area with extra seating.  The decor was nice and quaint. Italiany.

The wine menu offered “Food Affinities” with each selection to help pair wine with your intended food choice.




“La Playa Sauvignon Blanc” was my wine choice.  It sounded familiar and I thought it may have been that horrible wine I had at Charlotte’s several weeks ago. To my relief, this wine was fruity, refreshing and the way a Sauv. Blanc should be.

The only fish options were shell fish: shrimp dishes, scallops, lobster.  Apparently if Chef does not like the freshness of the fish offered by his supplier that week, he won’t purchase it (good for Chef!).  The shellfish offered were done in pasta or over pasta.  The waiter was kind  to accommodate my request for the “Linguinne” which was a rock lobster tail, shrimp, scallop over yellow squash and zucchini slices (instead of over pasta).  Ted had the same however he opted for the way it was presented in the menu…over linguine. 

The waiter came back to the table and passed a suggestion from the chef…”would you like the dish served in a white wine, lemon, caper sauce instead of the marinara?  Chef believes it will pair better with the vegetable”.  Well, HECK! The chef knows best…”go for it”!

To start… a wonderful Rosemary Foccacia was presented to the table with dipping oil. 


I had the Salad Gabriel which was bib lettuce with walnuts, granny smith apple slices, Gorgonzola with a citrus dressing. Superb!


Now for the Linguinne…

dscn0767An excellent sauce suggestion by the chef.  It could not have expressed the flavor of the dish any better.  The sauce was fresh with lemon. The capers were large and offered a “zing” that would have been missed without them.  The sauce base was not too oily or over flavored. It was perfect.

As for Ted’s version, (I had a taste of his pasta because he was ohhing and ahhing), it was homemade. You could taste the freshness of the linguine, so light and delicate. 

The end result of our dining experience at Gabriel’s…Wonderful!  Highly recommended if you live in the area.


Ted has been seeing a fox running up the hill in back of our house.  He spied (he thought) a few little ones yesterday.  It is not unlikely since every year I can remember living in this house, there have been fox in the back yard.  We have the perfect place for fox, skunk, deer, and consequently, coyote.  There is brush, there is water, there is leafy plants and berries.  The coyote show up due to the other critters being around.

That’s it for now. I have a cake for Ann to decorate.  The request on that one is red roses.  Have a super Saturday!

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As usual on a Saturday, a dinner review is offered from the Friday evening meal at a choice Utica restaurant. Last nights dining experience was at Daniel’s Valley View. Superb!  But first, this mornings glorious run.

At 5:15, I woke up and wandered into the bathroom followed by a German Shepherd that decided I shouldn’t go in there alone.  Looking at the clock, it really was too early for a weekend run but Shane didn’t think so.  Outside we went. Then we couldn’t stop. It was a perfect morning for a run down the Parkway, up Oneida, turning in at the Cemetery and up to Valley View.  We could smell the Zoo when running down the Parkway. It wasn’t unpleasant. It reminded me of the smell of the horse barns at the shows, early in the morning, when the grooms were up cleaning stalls and feeding. Ah…the wonderful memories.   It’s times like that, getting lost in the memories, that makes a run perfect.  We completed 7 + miles today.

The morning omelet:  1 piece of Brown Rice Toast. 3/4 cup Egg Beaters. Asparagus, spinach, left over meatless greens and feta.


We did go to the Munson Williams Mixer last night, but arrived too late for munchies as Ted got caught up in a slow golf game Friday afternoon. We had time to chit chat with our friends before they left to watch the movie presentation. As for Ted and I, we needed to eat.

Dinner at Daniels..

A perfect dining experience at one of our favorite, close to home restaurants,  Daniels at Valley View. It is 1 mile up the Parkway from our home and on a warm summer evening, a wonderful walk.  We arrive there and are treated like family from staff and guests alike.  Everyone was in a fine mood last night.  Could it have been that we arrived at the end of Happy HourCould it have been the beautiful weather ? Utica had perfect weather throughout the day Friday.  Whatever the reason, we had fun. 

The wine and beer… we JUST caught the tail end of Happy Hour and were offered 2 fer’s, as marked by the shot glasses…dscn0679

The bread and pizza…. mouth wateringdscn0682

We had the meatless greens and a crisp, fresh salad.  We plunged our forks in almost before the waitress set the food on the table. We were HUNGRY!   


dscn0684Dinner. My favorite… Fruitti Di Mar… Seafood Stew. No pasta, over vegetables, light on the sauce. Perfecto!

dscn0687The sauce was light and complimented the seafood in a way that could only be bettered if they were still swimming in their natural environment.  There were clams, shrimp, calamari, mussels (don’t like), scallops.  Did I eat it all? PLEASE!   By the time my belly said to brain…”AH…Are you going to stop any time soon because it’s getting a little crowded in here?!!! “(Darn that belly!),  it only looked as if 1/2 the dish had been eaten. So much. So good. So little stomach space.

Of course the perfect meal is followed by a perfect Cup-a-Joedscn0688

Forgot to tell you…..Movie review 

Now I have to back track a couple of nights because I forgot to mention our unprofessional opinion of the movie “The Reader”.

dscn0671We really enjoyed it.  The only disappointment was the ending. It was slow moving but the story held our interest right through the end. No one nodded off. That alone says a lot.

Recommended you watch it, but NOT with the kids around. There is nudity and … well, you know.

I’m off to bake with SALBA , grocery shop, yard work before it rains.   Love Saturday! Have a great one.

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There was a lot of noise when I woke up this morning.  Since high winds were predicted, I thought thats what it was. So I went downstairs for my work out thinking my walk with Shane would be a short one.  I was so surprised to see the temperature at 44 F. That was good. But still…high winds? I don’t like wind and didn’t plan on being outside in it for very long.

I ran for 44 minutes, doing 5 miles.  Weights this morning were dedicated to back and triceps for 40 minutes.

  • 4 x 12 to 15 mid pulley row + tri-extensions on ball
  • 4 x 12 – 15 V bar row + standing tri – extensions.
  • 4 x 12 – 15 Lat pull downs, wide grip + tricep presses
  • 4 x 12- 15 V bar pull downs + 2 hand tri extensions.
  • 6 x 12 leg lifts for abs.

When Shane and I got outside, there was no wind. The noise?  Well that seemed to be coming from the creek which, when it gets really high, also gets pretty loud.  So we were able to jog for 3 + miles.  Great workout today!

Breakfast to fuel:

The Kisses Mug - prepping for V-DAY!

The Kisses Mug - prepping for V-DAY!

Yes – this was my first Powdered PB experienced and it was a good one. Since I only added 1 TBS the flavor was subtle but definitely detectable.  Very much as if I had added a regular TBS of my favorite Naturally More PB, but without the PB chunks.  The Powder is a hit!

Today I’m calling the vet. Shane is acting fine but seems to get an up set stomach daily since we switched to a  new food.  We had to switch because we suspected he might be allergic to barley.  I’m thinking he may have to go on a prescription diet. My only concern is that he gets so much exercise, I’m hoping that the Script. diet will provide all the nutrients he needs.  Questions to be asked and answered. 

That’s it for this morning. Tune in tonight for CEimB!

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I’ll begin with today and then you just have to scroll down for a recap of our Friday evening. 

Shane and I ran a most enjoyable 7.35 miles.  Uneventful and truly enjoyable. We explored the backs of buildings, went for a jaunt around the post office, meandered our way through wooded trails, said “Hello” to the friendly fellow we usually meet while running through Proctor Park.  The best part was Shane had lots of energy left for the run home and when we met with a few small inclines, he pulled me up them. That’s great in 2 ways: 1. it helps me when I’m tired. 2. the resistence of my body weight helps build strong muscles in Shane. 

I gobbled down a small banana with Vanilla Peanut Butter when getting home.  For breakfast, I cooked up a “Hungry MAN’S Eggs and Veg”.  grimaldis-011 I included a pic of all the veg. See the left over greens from last night? There’s enough garlic in those greens to fend off 50 Vampires! But they did add a wonderful flavor to my breakfast scramble.

Breakfast Scramble with Feta and Chives

Breakfast Scramble with Feta and Chives


For the rest of the day we have to decorate our tree. Do some icky cleaning. Go to class with Shane.  I think somewhere in there we might go grocery shopping… maybe that will be tomorrow.





  Friday Evening at Castronovo’s Grimaldis

grimaldis-005 I can’t begin to tell you how enjoyable our evening was.  When we arrived at the Restaurant, we were undecided whether to dine there or not as the plan was simply to enjoy a cocktail for Happy Hour. Well, the bar attendees were just too entertaining. First, a gentleman was offering up seats for us, even volunteering his own if we needed it. Don’t ask why…I have no idea…we certainly didn’t look as if we needed to sit (at least I don’t think we did?).  Second, we encountered Mr. Fred Castronovo himself, thoroughly enjoying the fruits of his bar.  He owns the restaurant and also a body repair shop down the road. Turns out his passion is not the restaurant business but cars!  Fun Cars! … Ted knows what they are. I have no clue.  Fred and Ted got chit chatting and turns out Fred is good friends with both Ted’s uncles:  Abey and Fred (Fred the Uncle not the restaurant owner).  Fred (the restaurant owner) brought us over some mozzarella sticks and chicken wings.


Neither of which we eat, but did so on this occasion (Ted the chicken, me the moozie sticks).  That was quite enjoyable.  During all this, we enjoyed a glass of wine each.   But our bar munching didn’t stop there. We went to check out the pizza and had a bite or two of that.    Little did I realize, they bring you complementary garlic pizza to the table.               


    There was an accidental pouring of the Chardonnay that we were drinking at the bar. So the bar tender kindly asked if we would like it.  Was she crazy?!   Hand it over… don’t you dare waste it!


Of course they brought out the bread, my FAVORITE part of Friday night dinner (except for the wine of course).   Following the bread was the salad. We had had so many munchies that we couldn’t think of ordering an appetizer.  The salad I very often get disappointed in .  I like ice burg lettuce but feel that it is a complete waste of chewing energy. There is nothing in it of great value to my body. Now please correct me if I’m mistaken.  I much prefer a field greens salad where there are some really dark, colorful things going on in my bowl.  As usual, my salad dressing of choice is simply oil and vinegar.                                                           


grimaldis-007 I could also do with out the raw onions and olives in my salads but never fail to forget to request that they leave them off.  Anyway… on to the main course.  I asked about the specials which were a haddock special done in olive oil and served with roasted tomatoes, artichoke hearts, green onions.  There was also a sea bass special but the description was iffy and when I questioned it…as it sounded very much like the haddock the waiter was …. oh lets see, I can’t really find a description for what the waiter was except that if you have been to Napolitari Joe’s in Utica where they throw things on the table at you and berate you if you ask for utensils and/or butter, ….. the waiter was somewhat along those lines.   

After all that, I had the haddock special, followed by a wonderful cup of coffee.  By the way,the dinner was very good, flavorful. I think the haddock is a bit too delicate for all that sauce. It was almost impossible to eat without it falling into little tiny delicate pcs. grimaldis-008



After dinner, we had a great surprise. Santa Claus!   I got a pic of him on the move, but it’s blurry.  Then on his way out, he stopped and waved at us at the table, but I hit the wrong button on my i phone and missed the picture. Sorry.  So this actually is Santa Claus.

grimaldis-010  Oh well.  If you are ever in Utica…. definitely enjoy the friends, the food, and the entertainment at Grimaldi’s.  I’ll be back with you tonight.  Have a super Saturday!

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