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What a gorgeous sky this morning.  Unfortunately no picture.  The color was a morning blue with wisps of clouds here and there. There was a long line of clouds over the horizon where the shades of pink were feathered into the white. What is that sayingRed sky at night, Sailors delight. Red sky in the morning, Sailors take warning“.  Is that really true?

Shane and I went for a 3.42 mile run.  Skipped the workout again thinking I may take advantage of the nice weather and go for a run after work followed by a lower body workout.  I’m not sure that this routine will be kept up but it sure is nice getting a little extra sleep. Maybe I’m just a bit burned out.

Breakfast for a Healthy Beginning:

tues-oats1Bob’s Red Mill Steel Cut Oats cooked with 2 Vanilla Hazelnut teabags and apple spice.  Sprinkled with 1 TBS reduced fat coconut and 1 strawberry added.


A Chocolate VPX protein shake with 1 strawberry blended in. Unfortunately, there was a big chunk of strawberry that didn’t get blended nor eaten because it felt AWFUL drinking a smooth shake and suddenly getting a chunk of something in my mouth. Eeewwww!   Other than that, it tasted pretty good.



It’s off to another day at the office.  We are getting a lot of orders this week. Figures! Sue is out.  Oh well, it’s a good thing.

Have a great day!

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