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Helpful hints for selling at a Green Market

If anyone can offer any tips/hints/suggestions… or need to knows for selling food products at a Green Market in FL, please be so kind and let us know.

Tuesday’s post

New Nicholas page all:  Look under Nicholas Page, then Nicholas on Monday.

Began the day dragging myself downstairs. I had a VPX shake, choking it down. I wasn’t in the mood at all.  Running was out of the question today so I did 35 minutes on the ET while watching “How To Boil Water”.  I then switched to a dreaded leg workout, turned the channel on the TV to the news and got with it.  That must have been when my body decided to give up the argument and just get with it.  I had a good leg workout – 45 minutes as follows:

  • 4 sets x 12 reps. of everything.
  • Squats using long 45 lb bar w/ weights added + Leg ups on a bench.
  • Hack Squats + Dead lifts
  • Leg curls + Side lunges*  This is where the “curtsy” comes in.  The side lunges I did today went like this… step to the left with your left leg, step your right leg behind your left and bend your knees to dip, ….CURTSY.  Do the same on the right.  You will REALLY feel this on the side of your glutes. Great exercise – beware!
  • Leg extensions + seated calf raises.

Shane and I then took a 2.3 mile walk.

Breakfast was  1 scoop Jay Robb + 3 oz Raspberries + 1/4 cup FUZE.  Hot cereal was 1/3 cup Silver Palate Thick & Rough Oats + cinnamon + 1 chopped date. For my fruit, 1/2 a grapefruit.


It may be a busy night tonight so I’m not sure what dinner will be. We might be simply ordering a pizza. 

You all have a super day.  If you haven’t done your holiday shopping yet, it might be a good time to start. Have fun.


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