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According to my office supplier’s calendar, the 1st phone book was issued in New Haven, CT on this day in 1878.  And WHY is that important to know?!!!!

I couldn’t swing the PM post yesterday, there was WAY too much to do. Ted and I didn’t get out of the house for our Friday night dinner until 7:30pm.  In preparation for tonight’s event, there were two items that would be better if made the day before, the 2 cheese and leek tart and the molasses whipped sweet potatoes.  They are now in “holding” until later tonight when they will be reheated and hopefully, take winning reviews by our tasters.  Fingers crossed.

I’ll begin with last night and work into Saturday morning.

After all was chopped, mixed, baked, we set out for dinner at Bella Cucina.   Both of us had the featured wine, a Louis Martini Cabernet Sauvignon.


 I typically enjoy their frutti de mar however hadn’t had salmon…break…gotta see to my sour dough…..hmmm…it’s getting a bit too brown too early… the salmon…oh yeah… I hadn’t had salmon all week so my menu choice was the grilled salmon, seasoned with cajun seasoning (a bit TOO over seasoned) and broccoli.  It was good … nothing to write home about.

We did have a few laughs over the content on one of the blogs off my blog roll. It was too funny …  a little rude but we were chuckling over our naivety.  Check out SoGoodBlog if you’re curious but PLEASE understand I only laughed dscn0198about it, I don’t condone it.

Now for Saturday morning.

Shane and I took off for our usual run.  I admit, the winter has finally defeated me.  The Utica streets were covered with snow.  It was, again, like running in sand.  We only managed 4 miles as for every step forward we went 2 backward. 

Funny thing…No… annoying THING, is that Utica doesn’t plow. We pay enormous taxes and our roads aren’t cleared, nor are our walkways.  BUT… you can see the cut off point at the corner of our street where Utica meets New Hartford zoning…

Utica meets New Hartford

Utica meets New Hartford

See the cleared road? = NH. See the snow? = Utica. 

Sorry it’s a blur – Shane pulled as I snapped.

Anyway…. we came home, and this is the fun part.  Ted was working out so we went downstairs to see what he was up to.  We’ve been watching Caesar Milan (The Dog Whisperer) and thought we’d have some fun.

Check it out..

Work it, Shane!

Work it, Shane!

He liked it!  I got on after we took Shane off, and he hung out with me downstairs. When I had gone 2 miles and hopped off, he got back on!  Too cute! He wants to start training!

For breakfast, I had a beautiful plum..slightly sour, but good.

What's Up?!

What's Up?!

After the plum, it was a veggie omelet.  I didn’t have any Ezekiel bread this morning because I’m planning on a high carb (lots of bread!) evening. So I had some pan heated, left over buttercup squash. It was really good – wish I had cooked more!
Now I have to get crackin’ with set up, etc. for this evening. You all have a great day and I REALLY hope you’ll visit tomorrow, later Sunday, when I post our Wine and Food Tasting Party Pictures, Recipes, and Fun.
Have a great day!

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