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A Berry Good Breakfast

Happy Tuesday.  Quick post as I’m running late.

Last nights DVD was “The Lodger”.  It was a good movie. Nothing more than 2 1/2 stars but not too bad. The story line focuses on a serial killer imitating Jack The Ripper killings.  You continue to guess “who did it” throughout the movie.

DSCN1083The workout today was legs. Glorious legs.  4 sets x 12 reps.

  • Walking lunges and Leg Press
  • Dead Lifts and Led Curls
  • Leg Extensions and Seated Calf raises
  • Squats

The warm up was 32 minutes of ET. The post aerobic activity was a 42 minute walk-jog with Shane.

Today’s breakfast.

  • A Raspberry Delight Spiru-Tein Whey Shake: It had a wonderful strong smell of raspberry but was really disappointing when tasted. It lacked flavor.
  • 1/2 a grapefruit, 2 juicy strawberries, 1/3 cup blueberries
  • 1/4 cup steel cut oats with cinnamon and raisins.  

DSCN1085Everyone…have a super Tuesday.


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This morning’s workout wasn’t too bad considering I had a week off. It was chest and biceps today.  4 sets x 12 reps.  Warm up with 30 minutes of Elliptical Trainer.

  1. Incline bench chest press + Cable one hand curls
  2. Incline bench flies + Cable curls
  3. Cable chest press + Concentration curls
  4. Cable Pec Crossover + Curl Bar bicep curls
  5. Cable Flies + Hammer curls.

I tried to do push ups but only managed one set of 15 because a playful German Shepherd was all over me.  The added weight of him trying to sit on me just didn’t make the push ups very easy.

Shane and I went for a 3.45 mile jog.

Back to a Steel Cut Breakfast.

Today is double oat day because Ted is enjoying Bob’s Red Mill SC Oats with me.  Cinnamon and 2 English Butter Toffee Tea Bags were added.



Shake’in it up with a Cappuccino Spiru-Tein Shake, 1/2 a grape fruit and one hormonal strawberry.


After a fun weekend, it’s back to work.  After a weeks vacation, work isn’t so bad. Have a great Monday.

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Yesterday the mechanics worked with lightening speed on my jeep to complete the oil and systems check in under 25 minutes. Amazing!  Someone must have ignited something under their derrieres.

Up there in Richfield Springs, where the dealership is, they still have snow covering the fields.  Here are some photos of farm country:







A Routine…

The day began with the usual routine:  Treadmill for 32 minutes. Chest and biceps for 40 minutes. Shane and I walked for 40 minutes.

Today’s eats and treats…

A warm bowl of Bob’s Red Mill Steel Cut Oats cooked with 2 Vanilla Maple Tea Bags. Added in were these little cuties… dried Maine blueberries. Love blueberries.  Raisins were also added to the cereal.



A large Spiru-Tein Chocolate Peanut Butter shake was the protein of the morning.



The rest of today is end of quarter business busy-ness.  So with that, better get a move on.  

Have a great day!

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This mornings healthy start was nothing fancy.  It was a Cappuccino Spiru-Tein shake. A bowl of Cream of Rye with 1 TBS Buckwheat Groats.  The cereal was cooked with 2 Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea bags. Half of a very juicy orange on the side.

Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride Cream of Rye with Buckwheat Groats added

Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride Cream of Rye with Buckwheat Groats added

The packet of Spiru-Tein said “High Protein Energy Meal”.  It dawned on me that I never checked the carbohydrates of these Spiru-Teins, only the protein.  There are 11 grams of carbs in this shake.  That’s quite a lot considering the shake is coupled with a bowl of hot cereal AND fruit.  However, if one is going to go for a carbohydrate overload, the best time to do it is in the morning after exercise.  

Did you know that sometimes when you get that really tired feeling e.g. driving to work in the morning or after lunch, that it just might be your body processing all those carbohydrates?  Solution: Cut down on the carbs. and increase your protein.   If you don’t eat breakfast nor lunch and STILL feel tired…first – Shame on You! and second..your body is telling you it needs some fuel so EAT.

Working the bod… 

  • 32 minute treadmill run
  • 40 minutes back and tricep workout. The cable machine was used for the back and ending with close grip pull ups.  For triceps, dumbbells were used and tricep dips were the beginning exercise for arms.
  • The morning walk was a 3.5 mile walk with a little jog here and there. Beautiful morning to get out there.

As for any mishaps last night? Can you believe there WERE?!! Call me Ms. Klutz lately. 

1.  While trying to step over and avoid Shane, I whacked my arm on the microwave door and suffered one of those burn type scrapes.  You know …the ones that really hurt when exposed to water.

2.  While pulling out my little egg cooker (previously mentioned in “Gadgets“), the lid fell off and broke leaving glass chips in the cupboard and on the floor.  Bummer.  

The egg cooker will still work, it has to be covered with a make-shift foil lid.  A bit of an inconvenience but the nifty little tool still gets the job done.

I’m now off to get the Jeep’s oil changed. Oh Yippee! It’s such a long drive up those hills and around those curves to Richfield Springs…. not looking forward to it.   Saving Grace… it is a scenic route.

You all have a great day and make the most of it.

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There was an accident in the kitchen last evening while preparing dinner so I am temporarily one typing finger short.   Therefore this mornings post will be told in pictures.

Wet walk - run with Shane after a leg work out preceeded by a 20 min.run.

Wet walk - run with Shane after a leg work out preceded by a 20 min.run.





Spiru-Tein Cherry Jubilee Shake with FUZE

Spiru-Tein Cherry Jubilee Shake with FUZE

Bob's Red Mill SC Oats cooked with 2 Vanilla Maple Tea Bags.  Banana and Coconut added. 1/2 a grapefruit

Bob's Red Mill SC Oats cooked with 2 Vanilla Maple Tea Bags. Banana and Coconut added. 1/2 a grapefruit

Put stubborn aloe plant under light in an attempt to get it to grow ... it's been a year.

Put stubborn aloe plant under light in an attempt to get it to grow ... it's been a year.

That’s it for now.  I would take a pic. of my injury but it’s too gross for me to look at it. Ted is having to change the bandages. 
Have a great day!

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It’s one of those lonely Fridays at work.  Sue has this Friday off and there will be no chit chat.  Ted is making a trip in with Shane, but that will be for about 15 minutes.  Just long enough for Shane to terrorize a few people and leave hair all over the front office. 

Speaking of Shane, he and I went on a 4 1/2 mile walk with a little sprint here and there.  It was a nice mild morning and we were up for it.  There were a few people out doing the same as we were.  We were home in just under an hour.

Breakfast grains this morning were Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Steel Cut Oats.  Is there any difference in taste between the GF and the regular?  Not in taste, but there is a very slight difference  in texture. The GF are less sticky.  You really have to be analyzing the mouth feel in order to detect it.



As for protein, again, another Spiru-Tein Shake. This one was Tropical Fruit. Ted saw the shake in the glass and said “Awe, Honey. What happened to your shake? Why is it so …….yellow? What’s in it?”

It was a funky looking yellow but not too bad. Not a favorite.





Tonight there is a Wine Tasting Event called “Jazzmatazz”.  It features wines, gourmet food stations, Jazz music, and a “unique” auction.  The event benefits the Arthritis Foundation.   We are hoping to get tickets but may be shut out. Here’s keeping our fingers crossed.

That’s it for this AM, have a super Friday.

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The May 2009 issue of Yoga Journal arrived in the mail a few days ago.  Last night, the opportunity was available to read through one of my favorite magazines.  Although there is a yoga room set up downstairs in our home, I can not boast being a faithful Yoga practitioner.  Two years ago, there were serious considerations to begin teaching yoga but then Shane was welcomed into the family and time did not allow the study and out of town practice that would be involved.  Today my yoga practice is, unfortunately,  intermitant.  The point of all this is to share with you a very quick and rewarding sequence that is a good leg and upper back strengthener as well as a good stretch for tired body parts.  The idea for this sequence arose from the “master class” pages 100 – 102 of the Yoga Journal.  Breathing is important. Strong in hales with smooth, long exhales. Hold each position for 10 breaths.

dscn0452The Sequence: Left top, bottom, Right top to bottom.

  • Hero Pose
  • Boat 
  • Proud Warrior 
  • Proud Warrior – Another form of Proud Warrior. Not quite Triangle Pose.
  • Child’s Pose

Remember that Yoga is a very individual practice.  As long as you practice correct form and remember your Yogic breath, you can come up with your own Yoga flows.


Wednesday workout:   20 minutes running on the T/M.  35 minutes working chest and biceps. 3.25 mile run with Shane.

A rewarding breakfast of 1/4 cup Bob’s Red Mill 10 Grain, 1/2 a banana, raisins and cinnamon added in. A Cherry Jubilee Spiru-Tein Shake.  That shake wasn’t bad.  It was the whey Spiru-Tein blend and tasted more like what I’m used to.  It must be something about the whey that makes it separate because the other Spiru-Tein flavors which were rice, pea, and Spirulina did not separate.   Hmmmm…. might trigger some serious research endeavors.


Cherries Jubilee
Cherries Jubilee
As for all of us yogurt lovers, here is another plus from the Institute of Food Technologists…

Yogurt may treat ulcers

At the 237th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society researchers reported that yogurt containing the antibody IgY-urease may help to treat stomach ulcers and gastritis……to read more, click on link above.


Today is officially hump day. Make the best of it and for a daily dose of motivation…”Every day looks bright if it’s met with optimism”. 

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