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Wild Ride

Not really… our  trip to South Carolina was incident free. Thank goodness.  There was quite a bit of traffic  on 95 South and we took the longer route around Baltimore and Washington so it added a bit of time to our  travels.  We made it in one day, thanks to Sue.  There is no way I can drive for that long. I did put in my 5 hours but Sue took care of most of the driving.  We arrived with open arms at Mum and Dads around 10:30pm. 

As for eats, the road food was not exciting at all. I had 1 ½ TBS Teddie brand natural PB between 2 slices of Ezekiel bread and ½  a grapefruit to get me through until 9 AM.  We stopped for coffee. At  11:15, I had some baby carrots and red pepper hummus.  When we made another stop at about 2:30pm, the Fage 0% yogurt had to make an appearance with some tamari almonds and raisins.  It was at about  6:15pm, with 3 ½ hours to go when  I asked if Sue wanted to find a place to stay or continue? She opted for continuing but making a stop for eats first. This was a chore since there were only fast food places, none of which catered to the non-meat eater.  I ran into a Food Lion and picked up a plastic container(to put my dinner in), salad dressing, and some fresh pico de gala from produce. This took about 15 minutes because I couldn’t find anything!  Once back to the car, I mixed the pico d.g. with some broccoli slaw and pink salmon I had packed in the cooler.  That was dinner. Not much but it got me through, along with a handful of nuts and raisins. 

Saturday Morning in S.C.

Shane was most uncomfortable last night.  He was hot…Mum and Dad keep the house warm.  He was a bit nervous…strange place. He woke me up at 2:30 am to piddle. 

At 6:20 am we were up and out.  Since it is so muggy and warm here, about 75 F by 6:30 am, we walked most of our 4 + miles.  Saw lots of other dogs of all sizes and shapes,  smelled the swampy-ness of the area, and did a lot of sniffing around in general.

The reunited family of four went on an excursion at 10 AM to get Mum a Mother’s Day gift.  Dad decided to come because he didn’t want to be left alone in the house with two dogs.

A beautiful black and white outfit was chosen by Mum for her gift (actually it was white pants, black/white shirt, w/ a black/white jacket and a pair of black capris).  Dad showed tremendous patience during the shopping which was fantastic since we WERE in a clothing store, NOT a hardware store.

Following Mum picking out her gift, she declared it was time for lunch and wanted to go to The Springhouse.  Well, it was only 11:30 but we all caved and let her have her way. 

If  The Springhouse sounds familiar, it just might be as it is a chain restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu offers quite a selection. 

The outside is so “southern” looking, pink and manicured.


The inside opens to a beautiful airy room that exudes cleanliness.  Once inside, looking up, you see a large balcony extending all the way around the inside wall of the restaurant.  In the far left corner, taking up about ¼ of the balcony space is a bird aviary.  They fly around and squawk once in a while. 

    For lunch, it was a Greek salad with pepperocini, black olives, a mixture of garden greens, feta cheese, homemade Greek dressing which had chunks of feta in it.  I ask for grilled shrimp to be added.DSCN0883

    It hit the spot. It was good, not anything fantastic but it completed the job.


 A little playtime outside was had  with Shane this afternoon. When we came in, he chewed a bone for a while and I ..this is going to shock….I took a nap.  I NEVER take naps.  There is way too much energy happening in this bod to nap.  Guess the heat is getting to me too.

So now, Shane is with my parents and Sue and I are enjoying some Starbucks goodies. 

Not sure when the post will be tomorrow because we have a wonderful Mother’s Day brunch planned for Mum.  I will be back to tell all. Enjoy your weekend.


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