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It’s cold this morning, 23 degrees! Brrrrr.    I got up with a sore hammy. so I decided to do some E.T. It never loosened up and that means, take a break from running for a day or so.  Although my alarm was set for the usual time, I decided to shut it off to see if more sleep was needed as I worked out Sunday and actually completed all “body parts” for the week.  I ended up getting out of bed 20 minutes later and doing a total body routine.  It went something like this:  35 min. on the E.T. 10 minutes of rowing. 25 minutes using 12 lbs dumbbells on the ball which consisted of 24 different exercises for the whole body. 20 repetitions per exercise.  Shane and I braved the cold with a 35 minute relatively fast walk.

breakfast-steel-cut-001For breakfast, I decided on GF Steel Cut oats with 1/2 a banana that Ted left me, plus 1/2 tsp cinnamon.  I added 2 strawberries to the oats.  I had a pre workout Jay Robb shake and a post work out Jay Robb shake which included 2 strawberries.

Now on to work for a meeting with an Ad Rep. Have a great day!

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