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I think we’re going to settle on the Tribeca.  blue car

There’s a sense of relief yet a little remorse… 1. we don’t have to speak to any more car salesmen 2. we have to let go of some cash.  Guess since we have to get the vehicle, we may as well take advantage of these economic down times at the dealership and lock into a good deal. 

Accomplished some other tedious items today:  1. the advertising plan … for the most part anyway. 2. the month end summary and balances.  Phewww!  Can I now enjoy my week?!!! We’ll get ready for a meeting with a customer out of the UK and Sweden who are coming to visit on Monday.  That’s always interesting to hear what’s going on in other countries… on a first hand basis.  Ted and I will most likely be going to dinner with them so I’ll have to start thinking of a nice Italian place that’s open on Monday. 

I went searching for a Gingerbread Bagel recipe but couldn’t find anything. Since I had that little taste at Panera’s yesterday, I’ve had a very lustful craving for more.  See what happens when bread, sugar, and spices meet?  Oh be STILL my heart!10142  Better move on to some “clean” eating thoughts…tonight we had Tuna Burgers for dinner.  Served over baked acorn squash, mashed. Side of oven roasted brussel sprouts.  Now I feel better. 

Tuna Burgers

Tuna Burgers


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