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UPDATE:  FOR FAMILY THANKSGIVING FUN, SEE “FUN PICS” page, “Family Thanksgiving 2008”.  Where to begin..where to begin?  I’ll start with this morning and work back to an exciting night. But first…HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!

My mind was racing this morning at 4:30 but I absolutely refused to get up because we stayed up last night to watch “The Hulk” dvd.  It wasn’t bad. I was the only one who didn’t “cat nap”.  So I tossed and went through thousands of thoughts before finally getting up at 6 AM.  Ted got up as well and we were able to get the big bird in the oven in no time. Shane and I then embarked on our own personal “Turkey Trot” of 3.5 miles.  Up to this point, at 9AM, I have got the rolls rising, the biscuits waiting to be baked, bread being prepared in the bread maker, noodles for lasagna cooked.  …. and she’s still going! 

I thought I better sit, have some cream of rye with 1 tsp apple pie spice and 1 tsp raisins. I also finished off Shane’s peanut butter and added that as well.  He has the all natural kind, nothing but roasted peanuts:

run-for-safety-0131The rest of the agenda today is: 1. Make the salad for Sue and Sam’s and take all baked breads up to their house for the big dinner. 2. Assemble the lasagne and refrig. for cooking tomorrow. 3. Make sourdough stuffing and refrig. for tomorrow. 4. Defrost desserts and finish for tomorrow.

So Friday AM, I can take it easy and at about 10 AM begin cooking and warming! Easy- breezy!

Now, I am SO excited to let you in on last evening.  As you know, I did the Run for Safety. Well, SURPRISE! Shane and Ted met me down there. run-for-safety-014 In my excitement, I cut Ted’s head off.  Guess who else we met up with?!  Remember the Valley View GC experience with the dog Randy?  Well, we introduced ourselves to Linda – Randy’s owner! 

run-for-safety-001Look how reflective I am!   Linda said they actually found Randy in the Golf Course as a stray and she’s a good dog. 

The run itself was great in spite of it being a wet and cold night.  As we began, there were no lights, so I attached myself to the group in front that were carrying a flashlight. They ended up going the wrong way for about 1/4 mile – it was too funny!   So we all played catch up and soon were in the front again. 

The lights were beautiful!  Here are only a few and there is NO WAY you can appreciate their illuminations by my poor picture taking, but try to get the idea: 

run-for-safety-0021 run-for-safety-0031

















Now this is the Hero Light which C-Flex contributed to in honor of our employee, my stepson, Ted and Johanna’s dear son, Pam and Angela’s brother who is currently serving with the Marines in Iraq.

The Hero Light for Teddy

The Hero Light for Teddy





It was beautiful. The flag was made to “wave” with the lights.  

So, what a GREAT run and what major fun! 

When  I got home, it was rush, rush, rush. I had to finish the baked goods order and get it to Bonnie before going to dinner with Richard, Debbie and Eddie.  Here is the finished product and I will be posting a separate page to take you through the steps  I use for cake decorating. You might really find it interesting and surprisingly easy. 

A Bountiful Thanksgiving Cake

A Bountiful Thanksgiving Cake


Finishing off the package

Finishing off the package


Now a little about this cake. It is a chocolate cake with Cannoli filling.  It is partially basket weaved in 4 places on the sides with “plaques” offering different Thanksgiving Wishes.  The top is covered with chocolate covered strawberries (I showed you the other night), chocolate and candied leaves, cake truffles, and any gaps were filled in with brown/white frosting.  I’m calling it my “MARISSA CAKE” because the young daughter of the family who places numerous “Apple Crumbles” orders, enjoys chocolate covered strawberries. I wrote “Happy Thanksgiving” in candy chocolate coating in the box.

Following that bit of rushing around, we were able to meet Debbie and Eddie at Ventura’s Restaurant. 

A family meeting

A family meeting

Ok… I still had “runner’s do” because I didn’t have time to wash it – please forgive?!”

I had the broiled seafood platter – minus the FROG LEGS, thank you very much!  They put some truly hormonal mussels on the plate – just way to big for me to eat (gross!).  run-for-safety-012 I had a side of steamed broccoli and a glass of Pinot Noir – not the best but it hit the spot. Ted had “Veal Ventura” with a glass of Chianti….he had 2 glasses!  Debbie, unfortunately had to send her trout dish back and decided on shrimp scampi instead. They were very accommodating and apologetic at the restaurant.

So that’s a wrap!  … and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! See you guys later, after our bellies are full.


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