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This weeks selection was made by Jessica of A Singleton in the Kitchen.  The Risotto was enjoyed by 3 people at Apple Crumbles this week.  It was young Ted’s birthday (that would be Ted’s son) and we invited him to dinner to celebrate.  Ted grilled the two of them a turkey tenderloin and he grilled me some meatless Jalapeno Cheddar Sausages by “Veggie Patch”.   The Risotto was an excellent accompaniment to both dinners. 


The recipe was very easy to make. For the ingredients and instructions, please check out Jessica’s post and/or go to the FoodNetwork under Ellie Krieger’s Garden Risotto. 

The changes made at Apple Crumbles were:

  1. Instead of microwaving, I grilled the asparagus at 450 F for 10 minutes.  It was prepared by snapping at the “tender spot”, cutting the rest of the spears to match in size, placing in a foil lined baking dish, drizzled with olive oil, sprinkled with salt and pepper. 
  2. I didn’t have any fresh Parmesan cheese. I DID have Asiago and used fresh grated Asiago in place of the Parmesan cheese.
  3. I used Vegetable Broth in place of Chicken Broth. 


The comments:

Teddy (birthday boy):  “Good Stuff“.  Joanne:  This is for the blog post so can you offer any thing more descriptive?  Teddy:  “That’s all I got“.

Ted:  “Excellent… One word… Excellent“.  

Joanne: “Very good and not buttery like other risottos I’ve had. That buttery-ness is why I don’t usually eat it.  This recipe has so much flavor with a hint of sweetness and only 4 g total fat.”


The only other comment I can add is that this was a FANTASTIC choice, Jessica. I truly hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as the three of us.  Sincere regrets that all those wonderful  intellectual descriptives so plentiful in the English language were at a loss in this post. I think Ted’s one word, “Excellent“, said it all.

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It all happened when I opened my email.  So proud I had set up paperless billing for our National Grid bill and also, direct pay so it would be deducted each month. No worries and save some trees. 

Tree and hearts:9624

This morning an email was received with the deducted amount. CAN’T BE!  It was DOUBLE the amount we normally owe. In fact, it was a duplicate of last month… (last month, because I set up paperless, the bill was missed so it was double…another story).  That was too upsetting so I called and without a whole lot of fuss, cancelled the paperless, cancelled the automatic payment, and expect to receive a check in the mail for the HUGE amount they took from our account.  Wipe my brow and breathe a big sigh of relief.

It was on to payroll. Generate checks.  There was no tool bar.  There was NO WAY to generate payroll checks.  Now I have to call that horrible software company who, without fail, keeps me on hold for hours at a time…. so I opted for online chat.  “Sonia” says… “I see you do not currently have a support plan set up… there are 3 options…”   Well, I’ve fallen for that before and those 3 options all cost $200 and up.  Nope. Disconnect.  I pull out the software and find that I have 55 minutes of support left from last year.  So what the hey, SONIA!!!!   I make the dreaded call. To my dismay, there was only 10 minutes of waiting (believe me, that’s great!).  The gal (Shirley was her name) says: “You lost your tool bar.  Click on the little icon in the upper left corner and then click show tool bar“. 

That sounded simple but I’m telling you in order to see that little icon you needed a magnifying glass and also, there was NO WHERE to indicate that was how to show or hide that elusive tool bar.  Humph! So frustrating! 

Then I suffered from a tension headache. Luckily it only lasted 30 minutes or so and actually could have been from the coffee this morning which was really too strong.

From there, and to my relief, very few problems. So now we are at dinner time and it’s Vegetarian Sausage for me.  Ted and Teddy are enjoying their Turkey Tenderloin.
JALAPENO CHEDDAR Meatless Gourmet Sausages

dscn0865Nutrition Facts:  100 cals. per link. 6 g. fat. 3 g Carbs. 8 g Protein.

Ted cooked them on the grill, 7 minutes total. They were spicy and very satisfying.




dscn0871dscn0874That’s it for this day.  Now it’s clean up and I’ll see if we can’t get Teddy to open his gift.

Have a great night.

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