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So much chicken lately.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to make chicken wraps, tuna wraps, bean wraps, or NO wraps.  Ted was ok with more chicken so Waldorf Chicken Wraps by Ellie Krieger it was.  The recipe was chosen by Jessica of JohnstonesVinBlanc.  Make sure to visit her site for all the ins and outs of this terrific, super easy meal.  It is a web based recipe so simply click on the link above and make it for your self when you’re not in the mood to put a whole lot of effort into great dinner.


You know what I just noticed about the photo?  It looks like that Geico commercial with the eyes on the stack of money?  Have you seen it?  “Somebodys watching me!” 


Ha! See the resemblance?


There were some minor changes on my part. 

1.  The recipe calls for 2 TBS of mayonnaise. That never happens in this house.  I simply use yogurt and add a little extra mustard.  So I used the 1 cup of Greek Yogurt as written, omitted the mayo, and added 3 hefty teaspoons of honey mustard. 

2.  I added 2 celery stalks, chopped

3.  I used only 1/2 an apple. That was plenty.

4.  I used Quorn for me instead of chicken.


Those were the changes, now my method.  I bought just over 1 lb of chicken chunks.  Preheated the oven to boil, doused the chunks with olive oil, pepper, salt and broiled 4 minutes one side and 5 minutes the other side.  Done to perfection! I also broiled my Quorn the same way – in a separate pan and underneath the chicken so it wasn’t exposed to the direct broiler heat.  Another success.

The yogurt, lemon, mustard, salt, fresh thyme (herb right from my garden 🙂  ) were all mixed until smooth. I then added the grapes, toasted walnuts, and diced apple.  Seasoned with fresh ground pepper.  About 1/2 a cup was removed and I used that to add to my Quorn.  The remaining mixture was for Ted’s REAL chicken.

To plate, I used the salad mix of romaine so I didn’t have one honkin’ big leaf to place in each whole wheat wrap. I used chopped salad. 


That worked ok but was a bit tricky to roll up so I held it together with a tooth pick, made semi attractive by putting a sprig of curly parsley and a grape on top.

The result:  We both enjoyed our versions of Waldorf Chicken Wraps.  Ted said “Oh…this is good“.  I added…”it is, isn’t it?!”   Ted added a bit more filling after the photo session was over… messy eating was now allowed and well worth it.  The dressing was very good. It was sweet with the grapes and apples and had crunch because of the walnuts and celery.  A perfect lunch dish but worked pretty well for us tonight as an easy dinner served with a side of broccoli.

The Waldorf Chicken Wraps

The Waldorf Chicken Wraps

  Can't get over the resemblance!  :lol:

The Waldorf Quorn Wrap

The Waldorf Quorn Wrap



CEimbers are all on a roll lately. Another successful recipe pick by Jessica.


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