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The new site is up and running and I am blogging from there now. No redirect so please click on the link.  Check it out at www.applecrumbles.com.  Did Jen do a GREAT job or what?!  Contact her at www.idesignblogs.com

I was so excited about the look of my new site that I ran 7 1/2 miles.  Shane was a bit too lazy for a Monday so he went for 3 1/2 and I managed a grueling 4 on the treadmill with an aching shoulder and all. But I was SO excited!

A few things going on:

1. The birds are STILL MIA

Why have our birds gone away?  We didn't change the food?

Why have our birds gone away? We didn't change the food?




2.  Our clock decided to quit in the kitchen and I didn’t realize it until too late. Obviously no photo … I was dashing out the door when I realized this minor fact.

3.  The new look on my computer….

My new computer wall paper

My new computer wall paper







4.  The new Apple Crumbles site…


I will stop posting from this site but it will stay up.. just no new posts will generate.  So all recipes and past info can still be found. Please go to www.applecrumbles.com for updates and make sure to use the feed so you don’t miss an exciting thing!   Also… if you come across something that isn’t right …not working…etc., please let me know.  All feedback and comments are welcome.  Tips and tricks also encouraged.  

HAVE A GREAT DAY! … and make sure to let Jen know how much you like her work at idesignblogs.com

We are all just SO happy…



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