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A Healthy Start

It was a day off from work but not from a good workout.  I had the intention of going downstairs for a quick shoulder workout, then off on a run with Shane.  However… when looking at the outside temperature at 5:30 and it showing 30 deg., I thought “forget it”. 

Downstairs, a quick 2.25 mile run was completed then into a good shoulder and ab workout.  4 sets x 15 reps. all exercises.

  • Rear Delts with Ball Crunches
  • Upright Rows with leg lifts
  • Shoulder Presses with “V” ups
  • Front Raise with Ab crunches-cable machine
  • Lateral Raises with 12 lb medicine ball sit ups.

Shane and I then went out for a 3.3 mile run. It was beautiful! The sun was shining and it sure didn’t feel like 30 degrees.

Now for a nutritious breakfast…

A beautiful crisp, sweet braeburn apple



A wondeful blueberry – Chocolate Shake (made with VPX protein)


1/4 cup Bob’s Red Mill Steel Cut Gluten Free Oats made with cinnamon.  Sprinkled on top were

  • 1 TBS Cranberry Orange Tango Nutorious
  • 1 tsp dried blueberries
  • 1 TBS reduced fat coconut
  • dscn0601

Now its off to do just a little Easter baking. Ted and I are going to investigate some new grills, some shrubs, and possibly hit some golf balls if the weather warms up enough. 

Tonight is a special night.  Teddy comes home!   Ted and Richard are going to meet him in Schenectady. As for me… young Sammy D is coming home and staying with us so he is my dinner date for the evening.

Have a great Friday


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