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Getting over hump day

Work: A little busy today. We took some orders, quoted future orders, started investigating advertising options for 2009, did some banking business and bought some supplies.  I didn’t buy that many supplies but ended up “crashing” the automatic checkout at the store. Hmmm…. was it too many paper towel? 11658 So even though the economy is nothing but bleak, our business is still going strong. Let’s just hope it stays that way. We’ve been fortunate because credit lines, loans, financing are just NOT our thing and so we don’t have the worries that a lot of small business have right now.  Counting our blessings for sure.10113

Weather:  Who could ask for more?!  It is beautiful out there. Fall in NYS is so pretty especially on a day like today. I think Ted is washing the lawn furniture to pack up for winter.  We still need to turn over the small flower beds to get them ready for snow fall. And… oh the leaves! So, so many leaves.  I asked Ted the other day if we might make big piles by the house and jump off the roof into them. That didn’t thrill him as he’s afraid of heights but did appease me by saying he might be game if we get enough snow.  So I guess I’ll have to wait for that kind of fun.11121

The front walk way is making slow progress. The contractors stopped by for about 1/2 hour to put some color to the stampcrete. It is looking good…can’t wait until it’s finished. They still have to build the wall around the front patio. Here is the pic. of how it looks right now:

getting the stampcrete done

getting the stampcrete done

spicy salmon with edamame "crumbles"

spicy salmon with edamame

Dinner tonight:  There is a crock pot turkey breast-a-cookin’ for the meat eater(s) (plural if Shane is fortunate enough to snag some bird). As for the vegetarian, it’s left over spicy salmon and part of an edamame burger I had in the freezer. It crumbled when I put it on the plate. Both of us enjoy fresh, steamed broccoli.

That’s it for the day. Now Ted is going to show me how to do a few things to make life easier while computing. Every little bit helps!


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Hot Cereal with Protein

I really enjoy the crunchier texture of Bulgur Wheat with Soy cereal.  The added plus is that it has 10 g of protein in just the 1/4 cup, 120 cals + 5 g fat.  I use 1/4 c dry with about 2 parts water (although I made it a bit watery this morning), I added 1 tbs pumpkin + sprinkle of apple pie spice + 1/4 of sliced bananas. Heated all together, it came out pretty good.  I added 2 sliced strawberries.  My protein drink was 1 scoop of chocolate Jay Robb + 1/4 banana + 2 oz blueberries with lots of ice and water. 


For my Wed. morning workout:  I just didn’t have the “run” in me so I did 10 min. on the treadmill, and 25 on the elliptical. Followed that with a 45 min. leg work out which ended with 50 crunches on the ball and 25 knee raises.  Shane and I then embarked on a 37 min. walk.  We went around the college and then by the high school.  It was, again, crisp, cool and quiet.

Now I’m off to work. Busy day.. one of the magazine reps. is coming in for our 2009 media campaign.  I’ll soon be buried in media kits for 2009 and trying to decide where to put what ad.  Should I include a blurt about going green?  hmmmm…. probably will.

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