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Vote For Your Cake

Hi All. The competition cake is done. Now I need anyone and everyone to help me pick which photo to submit.  Here are all the options numbered 1 through 12.  Please tell me the number of the photo that is your favorite: Please note number 8 is not numbered and it is after cake 9.  Also, to enlarge the photo, click on it.  All comments welcome.  


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Can you see the rain

Can you see the rain?
Can you see the rain?

What a nasty day.  I was up at 5:30 for a run and intended to take Shane. The plan was 7 miles.  When we got outside it was sprinkling so I took off his water pack and decided we would do a short “whatever we could” run.  We ended up going 5 miles because the sprinkle never turned into anything of substance.  I had to bring Shane home for water but decided I would finish up the 2 miles on  my own.  When I got back outside, it had started to rain. Managed to get in the 2 miles before it really started coming down and was home, washed and dried 8AM.  At least I accomplished the mission, all be it on my own but Shane did pretty good. Now he is beat and we noticed he was favoring his back leg so he deserves a break.

Tired Shane  As for what’s on the agenda for today?  Well, Ted is out for breakfast with his buds and will most likey be home by 10AM.  There is a whole bunch of house chores to be done…e.g  that silly doorbell hole in the kitchen wall!  

Then there is the molding in the weight room downstairs….But he likes to do this stuff!  As for me, I will finish decorating the Halloween competition cake.  Started it last night and something quite odd happened:  I mixed my black color into my white frosting to get a light grey and ended up with an eerie green!  Not real happy about that but at least it looks like a “halloween green”.  Oh well.  Today’s a new day … a rainy one but a new one.  Enjoy!

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